• Supplier Listings

    1 month(s) (May 2018)

    Supplier listing added to Marketplace, allowing for suppliers to list themselves in a selected supplier listing. This will link users directly to their items and give maximum visibility to those on a supplier pricing level.

  • Membership Level Introduction

    1 month(s) (May 2018)

    Introduction of payment tiers and subscription payments for users. User tiers currently planned to fall into three basic levels, with individual features specific to each particular level.

    • Tier 1: Up to 20 Products
    • Tier 2: 20 - 50 Products
    • Tier 3: 50+ Products
  • Supplier Delivery Options

    2 month(s) (June 2018)

    Seller can completely manage their own shipping options. Seller can create new shipping methods and can also set one’s own shipping rate.

  • Seller Upload Products by CSV

    2 month(s) (June 2018)

    Uploading lot of products or creating combination of products one by one is a tedious and time consuming task. This will help sellers upload or edit products or combination of products in bulk for their marketplace store.

  • Marketplace Auctions

    4 month(s) (August 2018)

    Seller can add auction with the products in any language and the buyer can bid on the products.