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Over the last few months we’ve been working hard on some new improvements to the Jewellery App platform. Whilst we still have a long list of features to include, we’ve launched some exciting new functions that will enable easier management of your store.

Connect with your store through our marketplace API!

(These features are currently open to all under our free tier, but will become a gold+ level feature)

We’ve developed a special API for users to be able to fetch and save products from external applications and e-commerce services directly to their store.

Jewellery App offers retailers and suppliers an API interface to connect to the Jewellery App marketplace

Become a jewellery app supplier

(These features are currently open to all under our free tier, but will become a gold level feature)

Add yourself as a supplier so retailers can find your product ranges and collections. Supplier listings are only available to Gold members, or members of certain buying groups.

Jewellery App creates supplier listings to allow suppliers to connect with retailers on the Jewellery App marketplace

Add GIFs to your product images!

Want to improve your listing with some movable graphics? We’ve enabled GIF functionality so you can show your pieces sparkle.

Jewellery App enable GIF uploads on Jewellery App marketplace products

Advanced product features and attributes

(These features are currently open to all under our free tier, but will become a silver level feature)

Add attributes and create combinations based on product attributes. Have products in various sizes or colours? Use attributes to create product combinations and simplify your sales pipeline.

Jewellery App allows users to list attributes and create combinations on the Jewellery App marketplace products

Add features to better describe your product and to add filters to the marketplace toolbar. By using features users can search your products by metal, stone, condition etc.

Jewellery App allows users to list features on the Jewellery App marketplace products

Improved user dashboard and account reporting

See your sales in a simple dashboard with running sales and transaction totals with improved layout and search by date.

New Jewellery App marketplace dashboard to help sellers manage their online shop

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