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The Jewellery App founders Daren Daniels and Miles Hoare are looking to disrupt the supply chain and disposal process within the industry by connecting retailers, suppliers and service providers in one big ecosystem using the latest cloud technology.

The first service they released which has driven The Jewellery App membership to a staggering 500 members in just 4 months is helping retailers and suppliers deal with stock disposal in a business to business platform for trade, for suppliers it's like having a virtual trade show but all year round and much cheaper.

With some retail jewellers holding up to 35% of their assets as stock The Jewellery App is a way of turning stock into cash again to help the operation of the business, this can apply to both supplier and retailer.

The next service which they are just working on now is to build up a supplier database to sell the retail jewellers all their products, this effectively gives the suppliers a free website, its a lots cheaper than a supplier setting up their own e-commerce site and The Jewellery App brings them the retail jewellers.

Daren Daniels goes on to say 'if you think about it, the cost of attending trade shows, advertising in the trade magazines and the cost of a representative on the road are enormous, a cost many companies can't bare anymore but they all still need to sell to each other, we need a new way, something that breaks through these barriers and makes products and companies accessible to each other that is more cost-effective and instant for a better future for the industry'.

In a recent survey by The Jewellery App, 56% of none members and 82% members gave a priority score of over 3 out of 5 to find new suppliers in the UK market in the next 6 months which just shows you the retailer are still looking to invest in new products if they can find the right supplier, The Jewellery App is the solution to create the frictionless sourcing and buying process.

Become part of the new connected industry today.

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Daren Daniels

Partner & Sales Director, The Jewellery App.

Daren has over 20 years experience working in sales, with particular expertise in jewellery and technology. He has a vast understanding of stocking systems, the retail trade and the jewellery and watch market. Daren is well-connected throughout the trade boasting links with retailers, suppliers and manufacturers across the UK and beyond. Combining both his marketing and sales expertise with his ability to connect with people, Daren is a key asset to the future success of The Jewellery App.

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