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Oxford-based web developers Grapevine Media have partnered with Customer Engagement Specialists REDBLOK to deliver the first stages of the Jewellery App

A B2B e-commerce platform exclusive to the jewellery industry, the Jewellery App gives jewellers, retailers, dealers, suppliers and pawnbrokers an exclusive space to trade their excess or unwanted stock and pick-up new pieces for their customers. It aims to connect the jewellery industry through a simple online marketplace where they can set-up shop and start to trade with others without using a service available to the public.

“When Daren from REDBLOK approached us with a product that had a clear strategy, ideas for future growth and an understanding of the trade, we instantly saw value in it” said Owner, Miles Hoare. “We’d been discussing with Daren for a few weeks and assisting him on the technology front when it became apparent the best solution was to work in partnership.”

“Since February we’ve been developing a platform with a simple and effective user interface, that works across all devices. It aims to allow busy business owners or employees add products on the go, upload pictures direct from their devices and manage their stock from one simple interface.”

“We’ve just launched the live version to our pre-registration and have had some really positive feedback. There’s lots of exciting plans in the pipeline, including integrations with other marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy – as well as e-commerce integrations, integrated mobile apps and some features and products we can’t yet reveal…”

Jewellery App Co-owner and REDBLOK MD Daren Daniels thinks the new partnership brings a new edge to the Jewellery App and will enable it to grow more nimbly, “I'm over the moon to be working with Miles. He brings not only technical knowledge, professional creativity but also most importantly trade knowledge that will I know will make this service an everyday tool and resource, revolutionising all areas of the trade. With the platform growing at a rapid rate this is not something I could do without the support of a digital professional like Miles. We make a great team and I think we will be developing more exciting projects in the years to come."

The Jewellery App has been accepting pre-registrations since February 2018 and currently has over 350 subscribers. The service went live to initial subscribers at the beginning of April and is now being rolled out to the trade. To sign-up, visit

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Miles Hoare

Lead Developer, The Jewellery App.

Miles has over 10 years of experience in IT and web development working on design and development projects within third-sector organisations, associations and professional bodies in the luxury goods, waste management, renewable energy and education sectors.

He has expert knowledge of digital marketing, campaign strategy and development of web applications with particular expertise in PHP and Javascript. He has extensive knowledge of digital design, media and web animation – as well as an interest in blockchain technologies.

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