How to Set-up Your Stripe Account

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To enable our users to get paid directly without having to pay additional fees and reducing wait time for their funds we use Stripe Connect. Your Stripe Connect account allows you to create and connect a Stripe account directly from The Jewellery App interface. Want to know how? Keep on reading...

  • 01. Sign into your account
  • 02. From the Dashboard and Select the Manage Stripe Option

  • 03. Click "Connect to Stripe"

  • 04. If you already have a Stripe account, you can sign in and connect directly with The Jewellery App.

  • 05. If you don't have an existing Stripe account, don't worry - our connection will walk you through the steps. You will need to connect a bank account and an address to create your customer account.

    Once your account is created your account will be automatically connected to the platform and Admin Commission will be paid out on payment.
  • 06. Once your account is connected you will be redirected to The Jewellery App dashboard and can continue managing your shop!
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